Reminders to all Rebap Members

Good morning to all CRB.

Please be reminded of the ff:

1. Annual dues due on or before Feb 28. We must remit our membership fee to National on Feb 28, failure on your part to pay the dues, you will be deleted. I think you can give a partial payment. Please visit our REBAP office, Rm 209 Bacoor Business Center.(tapat cmpd ng mga revilla, commercial area ng camella)

2. Please read other forwarded emails from National re  template of Property listings.

3. First  National GMM will be on March 31, 2011 at PNB Hall, Macapagal, Pasay. They will start at 4pm because we are going to have a CEP with 5units credit, the fee is only P400.00.

4. REBAP CAVITE BOARD is planning to conduct another CEP for agents/Brokers, tentative schedule 3rd week of March.No venue yet.

5. FYI. Some of your agents who attended the CEP in JIL decided to get the OJT thru CRB Rem Ramirez, the fee is one thousand pesos only.They just want to make sure they complied the number of units and the good news  to learn more since CRB Rem will teach them, INTERNET MARKETING (E-MARKETING).They are required to create a new email add exclusive for these sessions (60units). So, as soon as we receive the payment, CRB REM will start their lesson/module 1.This is individual, they will be the one to answer/reply to CRB REm.
 In this connection, the board is also planning to have our own schedule exclusive for REBAP-CAVITE re E-MARKETING.Dapat alam din natin, what to do, how to do it, and other things that we should know.

6. Dont forget your PRC registration.
Thank you so much.
God bless.

PRC # 1679

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